PNE Labor Force

Working With the Tribes

PNE Labor Force

PNE Constructions employs as many Tribal members as possible through all phases of construction through PNE Labor Force.

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In addition to PNE Construction’s team, we provide labor for Tribal projects through PNE’s Labor Force. PNE Labor Force is a mutually beneficial partnership with the Tribe’s TERO program to employ as many Tribal members as possible during all phases of the construction project.

As such, PNE Construction fully understands TERO and complies with all applicable requirements for employment, wage rate, training, and taxes when engaging in all economic opportunities on or near Tribal reservations. PNE Construction will work with the TERO Director to fully utilize available TERO skilled applicants and referrals and consider Native American applicants during the hiring process for both PNE Construction and our subcontractors as it applies to each project.

If hired through the TERO program, this partnership with the Tribe allows PNE Construction to share our construction expertise and model best practices with Tribal employees to ensure they build upon their current skill set while taking away additional skills and knowledge for future successes.

Through daily communication and collaboration with Tribal employees, the time spent building a project for their Tribe often enriches their overall experience of being part of the project from the ground up to completion. Their individual investment with their hands, tools, and knowledge of the Tribe’s history often surpasses their own expectations once the project is completed.

We typically offer the following PNE Labor Force TERO job opportunities during the construction phase:

  • Laborer
  • Electrician
  • Framer
  • Equipment Operator
  • Security

We believe in building for the future that provides a return on investment to the Tribe and its employees. PNE Labor Force is the right mix of PNE Construction’s in-depth construction expertise tied to the Tribe’s skills, knowledge, and history that will bring forth a completed project of importance and a Tribal cultural hub for years to come.