New Construction & Remodeling

Concrete pour for new building
New COVID testing building for Tribal Health Clinic
New construction and remodeling for local butcher shop
New convenience store
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New Construction & Remodeling

PNE Construction is a highly skilled and experienced General Contractor that provides high-quality new commercial construction projects from initial Design-Build concept to ground-up completion of the project. Our high-performing, skilled and experienced construction teams have the expertise required to complete ground-up construction as PNE Construction is seen as a leader in facilitating the Design-Build process, including permitting, budgeting, scheduling, labor, understanding local building codes to post-construction closeout and final inspection.

PNE Construction’s vision encompasses infinite ideas in finding solutions for our customers looking to renovate or remodel an existing structure. Our Design-Build team can bring vitality and elegance by transforming an exterior or interior to a more modern, trendy use of space.  From the most complex designs to a simple straightforward update, PNE Construction’s expertise will deliver creative solutions to help realize a customer’s vision. Specifically:

  • Complete transformation of an exterior or interior structure
  • Revamping the original floor plan to maximize square footage for a more open feel and look
  • Blending unused spaces within the interior by removing a wall and/or partition

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Looking for additional services?

PNE’s family of brands also includes an industrial electrical contractor division (AET), an industrial cleaning division (CCS), and our hazardous waste management, disposal and transportation division (WXE). Ask us about how we can help with multiple aspects of your build and/or maintenance!

Commitment to Safety

Pacific Northern Environmental is committed to the safety and health of its employees, customers, and the environment we work in. Each of our managers and employees is trained in site-specific and job hazard safety practices upon hiring and annually thereafter. We also adhere to all safety protocols set by the clients we serve. On-site safety performance is tracked continuously by job site audits by our full-time safety professionals. Our Experience Modification Rating (EMR), OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), and Lost Time Incident Rates (LTIR) are well below industry average. For more information about our commitment to safety, visit our safety page.