Native American Tribal Construction

Commercial & Petroleum Construction

Native American Tribal Construction

PNE Construction has built a lengthy resume of Native American Tribal construction projects since 2000. Our commercial and petroleum construction teams have successfully completed Tribal construction projects with 50+ Native American Tribes throughout the United States.

We partner with Native American Tribes to create a vision-based Tribal-driven plan that becomes the foundation of distinctive architectural projects that support the Tribe’s culture, history, and overall vision. We employ well-thought-out strategies to consider during the Design-Build process that often result in identifying the advantages of constructing a new building or utilizing existing infrastructure that complements the addition of a new or remodeled Tribal facility. Employing value engineering strategies bring forth cost-effective savings resulting in complete and efficient Tribal projects that are on time and on budget.

Completed convenience store and drive-thru with parking spaces out front

Our commercial and petroleum construction services take into consideration a combination of factors and a diverse range of land development uses to support the Tribe in creating a market demand for their activity-oriented destinations while creating new jobs for the Tribe. These services include:


  • Design team will include an architect, civil, mechanical, electrical, and geotechnical professionals.
  • Our in-house Design Manager will assist with CAD drawings throughout the design process.
  • Petroleum design expertise in site, canopy, and fueling layout.
  • PNE Construction will supply drawings for the turn-key fuel system.
  • Detailed petroleum equipment list with cut sheets, costs with our pricing proposal.


  • Cost breakdown of all phases of construction project.
  • Obtain three subtrades pricing proposals.
  • Open book and highly communicative throughout the project buyout phase.


  • Once final design and GMP (guaranteed maximum price) is completed, PNE Construction in collaboration with the Tribe, will identify Tribal owned contractors in the area to participate in the project buyout of the construction project.
  • We will review experience, price, past performance, and referrals when selecting all sub-contractors.


  • On-site Project Manager who will be involved in all construction daily activities until closeout and final inspection.
  • Weekly safety meetings with all trades on-site.
  • Project Manager will meet regularly with owner’s representative and design team.
  • Project Manager will review construction schedule, cost updates, and provide updates on upcoming work schedule.
  • Project Manager will employ value engineer cost-savings processes to streamline the construction of the project from beginning to end.
  • PNE Construction will be there for the grand opening to ensure a successful operational start.


  • One-year workmanship warranty to coincide with all manufacturer’s warranties.

Working With the Tribes

PNE Labor Force

PNE Constructions employs as many Tribal members as possible through all phases of construction through PNE Labor Force and our mutually beneficial partnership with the Tribe’s TERO program. Learn more on our PNE Labor Force page.

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